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Staff Insights

Scott Gage

Information Technologist

with UniSA since 2006 


Scott GageI joined UniSA as part of the graduate program. It was the first IT specific graduate programme that UniSA ran, so I was looking forward to being part of it.  

Iím mostly involved in project work, with some projects lasting months at a time. I also handle and resolve service calls. The big project Iím currently working on is a new staff portal, which will have a huge impact across UniSA once completed.  

Our department is great because itís not too formal. The hours are flexible and my colleagues are outstanding at what they do. Thereís a real sense of teamwork here; someone is always on hand to help with any problems that may arise.   I really feel like I get to steer my own ship, I donít find my team leader constantly over my shoulder and Iím trusted to do my job. Donít get me wrong; guidance is there if you want it, but youíre not spoon-fed - increasing opportunities for learning. Iím always happy to ask someone how something works, and because everybody has different roles and different missions thereís a great deal of knowledge sharing.  

UniSA cares about its people. In my work area, HRís wellness initiative supplies fresh fruit and runs various health related seminars, as well as offering free massage every fortnight. I play basketball on a Friday afternoon, but you can take your pick from badminton, circuit training, even karate! UniSA doesnít just recognise the importance of learning, but the importance of a fit and healthy lifestyle.