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Staff Insights

Dr Stephen Boyle

Associate Head of School Management, Division of Business

with UniSA since 2000


Dr Stephen Boyle After working as a police musician for 13 years I moved to Western Australia to teach at the Academy of Performing Arts. UniSAís Arts Management program is the oldest and most prestigious in Australia; and with the Adelaide Fringe Festival and a range of other international events in the city, my decision to join was made easy for me.  

Itís my role to manage academics and students. Iím essentially responsible for all the teaching and learning within the school. This provides me with a huge challenge to deliver to studentsí needs. As a lecturer itís pretty similar to managing musicians and putting on events, Iím dealing with people that are passionate about what they do. I still get to be creative, itís just the context is different.  

I get a lot of individual freedom at UniSA. The Uni is very open to new ideas and gives employees the opportunity to explore the work they do, becoming involved in different areas and heading down different avenues. UniSA also encourages and supports overseas travel and learning, whether itís to teach or attend conferences. Most academic staff travel overseas three or four times per year, networking and building new partnerships across Europe, Asia, the US and more Ė itís really unique to get this level of support.  

UniSA gives you the opportunity and support to explore new ideas. Every single person has the opportunity to make their mark here; itís what makes UniSA such a special place to work and study.